Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Praising Him Now

This weekend, my pastor preached about praising God now. He talked about how people think they can't wait to get to heaven to praise God, but it's something that we can do now. We don't have to wait!

There are so many different ways to praise Him now. It can be through singing songs, saying thanks, telling of His greatness, through actions...

So I want to take a moment to praise my God for the many many things He's done.

The first amazing thing He did was give His life for me. He died on a cross to take my place, so I could spend eternity in heaven with Him, when I did nothing to deserve it.

Then He acts like that act alone isn't enough, He continues to lavish me with blessings on a daily basis. God cares about my every day details. The mundane stuff no one else really cares about.

He knows every worried thought in my mind, every tear I cry (good or bad), every moment of joy in my heart. God cares about it all. He cares enough not only to listen to my prayers, but He wants me to pray, to spend time with Him.

The God of the universe, wants to know me personally, and wants me to know Him.

God has blessed me with a wonderful loving family, and an amazing husband. He has given me great friends to walk through life with. He has fulfilled all my basic needs, and then goes above and beyond to give me nice things.

He has given me a job that I love, and enjoy coming to, but where I still get vacation time to enjoy life outside of work.

He brought me to a wonderful church and small group that is active and alive. A group that cares about each other's needs and puts the caring to action.

He loves me and knows me so well that He knows my desires better than I do. He knows my stubborn mind, and what it takes for me to learn something. Then He takes the time to teach me.

He has allowed difficulties in my life so that I could learn a million new lessons about who God is, and what He expects from me.

I could go on and on all day, but the bottom line is GOD IS GOOD! He is amazing! He is beyond my comprehension! He is soverign! He is God. Praise God!

What has God given you to praise Him for?

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