Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What We Deserve

"The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away, may the name of the Lord be praised" Job 1:21b

I was reading the daily reading from "Jesus Calling" yesterday and it was a great reminder that God is ultimately in control. It said "The best response to losses or thwarted hope is praise" and then quotes Job 1:21.

I hear so often people saying they "deserve" something. They deserve a good job, healthy family, to be treated a certain way, to have a certain status...the list goes on.

The only thing we deserve is death. Yet, God saved us from that by sending His son to die on a cross for our sins.

So when we receive blessings, whether it's financial, emotional, friendships, whatever, we have to remember that it is in spite of what we have done, not because of it.

Everything we have is a gift, and it can be taken at any moment. We should enjoy what we have while we have it, but we can't get upset when it gets taken from us.

Just because it does get taken doesn't mean that God wants to punish us, or that we did something wrong. It may be for our own good. I don't know why He allows it, but He has the right.

When Jeff had his accident, everything I had placed my hope in was taken away. It made me realize that my hope was in material things, in MY plans for the future. It wasn't in God where it should have been.

It turned out to be a huge blessing. I was reminded that nothing was mine to begin with, and whatever God chooses to give me in the future I should count a blessing, not a right.

Job lost everything, and yet he praised the Lord. This should be our response as well.

We can praise God that even though we may lose everything in this world, we have eternal life through Him. We can have peace and joy through Him that can never be taken away.


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