Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I had a wonderful opportunity to share my testimony this weekend at the women’s retreat at my church.

We had smaller breakout sessions where the women got to choose which speaker they wanted to listen to. It was humbling to see how God selected the women to join my group. He knew just who needed to hear the message He gave me.

We focused on being transparent, so I was blessed with the opportunity to openly share the struggles I had after Jeff’s accident.

Too often we put on a mask and pretend that we are better off than we really are. But when we take the mask off, and let people really see us, not only does it help us, but it helps them too. It doesn’t mean we have to tell everyone every detail of our lives. But there is a time and place where it is appropriate to share our struggles, to be human, to let others in.

It was great this weekend to do that, and then watch how it impacted the women listening. They were able to open up and share their own struggles. Many who seemed to have kept it in too long. I was able to see in their eyes the weight that had been lifted by opening up.

We can’t be afraid to share our struggles. We don’t have to be perfect all the time. You never know how opening up will help someone else.


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