Tuesday, May 7, 2013


When I think about how God is choosing to use me, I am completely humbled. Me, a broken, sinful, unworthy girl. I could have been born anyone, anywhere. I could have been born into a Muslim extremist family, or to a tribe in Africa who has never heard of Jesus. But I wasn't. God knew me before I was born. He created me as I am, and placed me in the family and location that I am.

I don't understand why He would choose to do that for me, but He did. He gave me my mind and created it to think the way it does. Yet, I am still sinful. I still fall short. I don't deserve anything except death. But out of God's amazing grace and love, He sent his only son to die in my place. That should have been more than enough in itself, but God didn't stop there. No, He continues to bless me beyond measure.

I am humbled and honored that God chose me for the journey He did. I didn't enjoy the trials surrounding my husband's traumatic brain injury, but I am amazed by what has come of it. I am humbled that God chose to give me this story to tell. I have nothing to offer, but God is using me. He gave me the story. He gave me the words to put on paper. He turned in into a book. He is giving me the words to share my testimony.

Me...the girl afraid of a microphone, who hated to even write a paper in college, is now an author and speaker. God is using me to tell His story. He is using me to share His miracles.

I really can't understand it. When I try to wrap my mind around God's greatness, I am overwhelmed. He is so far beyond anything that I could ever comprehend. He is perfect and holy. Yet, He chooses to love us, and He loves us as we are. That is the real miracle "God demonstrates His own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us" (Romans 5:8).

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