Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wisdom from the Future

I wish I knew in high school and college what I know now. If I could go back in time, there's a lot I would say to myself. I know I'm not that old, but I have had some serious life altering experiences that have given me wisdom that I wouldn't otherwise have. I still have more learning to do, but this is the advice that I would give my younger self.

1. Forget about boys for now.

You're too immature to understand what a serious relationship takes. It's not about you. It should be two sided, and he isn't there to make your life better. You can't change him no matter what you think. So don't be with a boy who you think needs changing. Don't chase after a boy who doesn't want you. If you do insist on being in a serious relationship, remember that as you get older, what you want from life will change. Don't do something know that you will regret if that relationship doesn't last.

2. Focus on your relationship with God, that's the one that really matters.

When everyone else lets you down, God will still be there. He will forgive you when what you have done is unforgivable. He will be there for you in your darkest times, and on your highest mountains. Spend time growing that relationship and He will give you wisdom in all the other areas of life.

3. Listen to your parents, they know what they are talking about.

I know you think the times they lived in were different, but they were teenagers once. They know more than you give them credit for. They are trying to keep you from making the same mistakes they did. They are trying to do what's best for you, cut them some slack.

4. I know you think you know everything, but you don't.

Be open to learning opportunities. When you are in an argument and think you're right, give the other person some grace. They may think in a way that's different from you. It doesn't make it right or wrong, just different. Even if you really do know it all, you are still too emotional to use the knowledge effectively. Your hormones are changing, and your brain is still developing. There is more that goes into a decision than just knowledge.

5. Even though you are mature for your age, you still have a lot of growing up to do.

Don't make any major life decisions right now. You can't fathom the emotional maturity just a few more years will bring. Don't try to rush into anything. Take your time making decisions. You have arguments with people now, that in a few years you will think are silly.

I know I can't go back in time, I know I can't change the past. It does no good to dwell on it, but I can learn from it. I change the future for someone right now by sharing the wisdom I am still gaining. This is the advice I would want my teenage daughter to know. What would you tell your younger self, or someone you know in that stage of life right now?


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