Monday, June 10, 2013

Blessings in Disguise

As the date for my book release approaches, I've been working really hard to get the word out about it. Of course, my target audience are spouses of those with TBI. So to get the word out, I've been visiting some of the hospitals that Jeff stayed during his recovery.

It has been encouraging to visit with some of the people that took care of him during those uncertain days. Everyone is so amazed to see how well he is doing. Espeically the first hospital he was in.

He was unconcious the first 8 days, and when he did wake up, nothing looked promising. They were so excited to see him walking and talking. Then to hear that he is working full time, and leading a normal brought huge smiles to their faces. We were able to give them a little hope that what they are doing makes such a huge difference.

This weekend I had a book signing at another hospital Jeff stayed for about a month. At that hospital, they were working on his memory, and everytime someone saw him, they asked if he could remember their names, most of the time he couldn't.

But this time, he did remember, and was able to joke with them about it.

It was just another reminder of how much God has done for us. We continue to be blessed every day.

At church this Sunday, there was a couple who shared their testimony. She found out she had breast cancer during her 6th month of pregnancy. Yet there they were, a year later, beautiful baby in their arms. They were able to share the blessings that God brought through such a difficult and uncertain time.

I just love when God takes the bad and turns it to good. I love it when God's people turn to Him during difficulty and are then allowed to see the wonderful blessings in the midst of tragedy.

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